Business Case for Diversity Workshop

Demo-graphical trends in the US project that by mid-century we will become a nation of minorities. These changes are reshaping our social environment as well as the way we do business. While most diversity initiatives focus on managing the compliance aspects, there is much to be gained by developing your business case for diversity and the business skills to take advantage. Those who remain as bystanders will be missing a major business opportunity.

This dynamic and content-rich workshop is designed for business owners, managers and marketers who want to learn:
• Which are the major diversity groups affecting our economy.
• What other companies are doing and the business results they are getting.
• Practical strategies for effective diversity initiatives while promoting social responsibility.

“I recently attended Dr. Velazquez’s, “Business Case for Diversity” workshop sponsored by SHHRP. He explained the compelling business rationale for diversity while touching on marketing to diverse consumer demographics. Diverse populations have huge spending power and if businesses aren’t already tapping this market share potential, they should be! Dr. Velazquez shared a bit of best practices across industries and how managers need to learn cultural competence to bring out the best in their teams. I recommend this workshop to everyone. I left the room feeling very inspired and ready to take my diversity knowledge to a new level!”
Phyllis Keenan, Diversity Consultant, Charles Schwab, Inc.

“I recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation on The Business Case for Diversity presented by Dr. Raul Velazquez. The presentation was thought provoking and aligned with what many Diversity & Inclusion practitioners are trying to accomplish. Beyond that, it was also a great demonstration of the complexities and elements of dealing with human dynamics in the workplace. I highly recommend attending a workshop by Dr. Velazquez whether you are just starting out in your Diversity & Inclusion journey or are well on your way; You will not be disappointed.” Joe Amato-Baril, Director of Diversity, FirstBank

Workshop Details:

Date: May 22, 2013
Location: PPA Events Center
Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Cost: $50.00

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