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The Society for Hispanic Human Resource Professionals (SHHRP) was founded by proven Hispanic Professionals to serve as a guide, a blueprint, a conduit for information and an opportunity for those who believe in diversity, inclusion and social justice, to connect and share.  The ultimate goal is to foster strong leadership and professional development in Colorado’s diverse workforce and to use our own vibrant, proficient professionals to build a local business and non-profit community that gets the best out of its talent, by helping each one be the best he or she can be.  SHHRP is very proud of the company (and companies) we keep and the values we share.
‘You are now competing with everyone on a global scale. There is no job security at all, and now it is all about being found instead of submitting your resume. Networking is the way to be found, and how the smart people get jobs and opportunities now. That is the big difference from even five years ago.’ Schawbel, D., Me 2.0: Build a powerful brand to achieve career success, Kaplan Trade, 2010
“Welcome to our new website! Here you will find new links and interesting articles. We’ve expanded our resources to help you find the perfect job or most qualified candidates. Come back often, we’ll have new information each time. Thank You!”

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Since 1995, the Society of Hispanic Human Resource Professionals (SHHRP) has given employers unparalleled access to the qualified and diverse workforce metropolitan Denver has to offer.