Welcome to the new SHHRP!


The purpose of creating a new brand was to better tell the story of how SHHRP – Society of Hispanic Human Resource Professionals can provide premier workforce resources, helping both employers and job seekers find the right match in the greater Denver communities and beyond. Our focus on diversity and inclusion make us a confident human resource leader.

It’s fair to say that as a business we have been operating in stealth mode for quite some time, but now we are ready to stand up and shout about our recent goals and highlight what we have to offer for clients, partners and colleagues alike. We are a big player in the Denver market and it’s about time we started acting like it.


About our new brand identity

Our new logo mark is more than just our letters SHHRP. We spent several months going through an extensive brand exercise with Christie Mayer Creative where we chose colors and a logo mark that speak to our audience. “Networking, Diversity, and Connecting People With Opportunities” is our main mission. Our new logo mark reflects all of these things. The “HH” within the mark clearly shows people networking, shows diversity, and shows them connecting with other people. Plain and simple.

We haven’t lost sight

Don’t panic! We haven’t lost sight of our core values and we are still working towards being the largest, fastest growing, highest performing job board site making professional connections within the communities of diversity in greater Denver. We connect companies looking to fill job openings with job seekers via website offerings of membership levels suited for your needs. As well as adopting a totally new look, we’ve completely rethought the structure of the site to make things easier to find and easier to navigate through. Even more importantly, it’s a great tool for both Job Seekers and Employers alike. Additionally, the new site is now compatible with the latest tablets and smartphones to allow you to keep in touch while on the move.

Take a tour of our new website:

  • Both Employers and Job Seekers can register with our site via a FREE or paid membership
  • Easily search for companies posting jobs within our diverse community
  • Our events can be seen easily on the homepage
  • See career tips and highlights directly from our homepage

And this is just a taste.

We will be updating this Blog, which we creatively titled it “Keeping It SHHRP” (pronounced /SHärp/, get it?) on a regular basis to keep you in touch with all the newest updates from SHRRP and the industries we work in.

So, we invite you to take a tour around our new website at www.shhrp.net, bookmark our website & connect with us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) to stay up to date on our news. We will have a lot of news and insights to share in the coming weeks & months.

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