SHHRP is pleased to highlight its members regarding their recruitment efforts.

Northwestern Mutual represented by Haley Grossman is a SHHRP corporate partner.

Haley Grossman, Director of Selection at Northwestern Mutual, comments on how she views her position within Northwestern Mutual:

“I help people learn more about how a career as a Northwestern Mutual Financial Representative can provide the rewards and opportunities of self-employment — flexibility, having a positive impact on people’s lives and virtually unlimited earning potential. As a financial representative, you have all the advantages of being in business for yourself, but you’re not alone. We will help you develop your business and marketing plans, provide extensive training and coaching from certified trainers, and offer access to our knowledgeable group of financial professionals to help you launch your career. To learn more, visit our website or send me a LinkedIn message.”

What Northwestern Mutual looks for in identifying new talent:

  • effective communicator
  • self-driven, determined and hardworking
  • interest or experience with sales & finance
  • desires independence but is coachable
  • possesses a personal strong network of contacts
  • openness to internship for new business professionals

Thank you Northwestern Mutual for being a SHHRP partner!