SHHRP Job Seeker – Featuring Henry Hernandez III    

Henry demonstrates friendly and professional communication skills. He is reliable and able to show up to work on-time.

He understands the importance of oral communication as an important characteristic to possess in order to, present information in an organized and effective manner when talking with individuals or groups. He believes in taking into account the audience and nature of the information, making clear and concise oral presentations, listening to others, and in attending to nonverbal cues and responses appropriately.

His technical competencies consist of knowledge that is acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience working with, analyzing, evaluating, processing, and understanding technical information related to the job.

Technical problem solving is a strength of Henry. He is competent at troubleshooting system malfunctions to determine the source and cause of the problem and then applying a fix.

He possesses a bachelor’s degree in design and communication from Metropolitan State University in Denver CO.

Henry’s most recent experience is with United Parcel Service as an operations management supervisor/ trainer. In this role, he managed over 60 drivers and their pick-up routes along with over the phone customer service. He trained new-hires to follow UPS Procedure along with State Occupational Safety and Health Standards to load and unload trailers quickly. He kept detailed records of all training provided over a 25 day period for each team of trainees. He led a team of 8 to 10 to achieve a 100%  rating for 0 missloads, 0 damages, 0 key entries, 0 belt stops all with a 19% increase in package handling per hour.

Henry has been a great supporter and promoter of SHHRP and has proven to be an outstanding volunteer at SHHRP job fairs and networking sessions.