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JOB TITLE: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

AGENCY: City of Riverside

LOCATION: Riverside, CA

FILING DEADLINE:  September 4, 2023

SALARY RANGE:  $122,676.00 – $156,660.00 Annually


The Position

Reporting to the City Manager’s office, this position is responsible for developing and implementing short and long-range goals of the City’s strategic plan while specifically promoting a climate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for employees and the community. Collaborate with City leadership and community stakeholders to establish equity as a shared value by developing policies, practices and programs that create a climate of equity and acceptance that respects, values and responds to diversity of staff, customers, and the community. Lead the city’s efforts and sustain a culture of equity and inclusion for all by identifying inequities, examine community occurrences, increase the accessibility to programs and services, challenge businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, faith-based institutions and all organizations to act. Enhance educational efforts, solidify alliances and partnerships with organizations, promote and support policies prioritizing DEI, encourage training internally and amongst community partners, engage actively with under-represented groups within the City and establish a system for assessing progress. This position develops institutional policies, practices and programs that advance the City’s commitment to DEI.


Example of Duties

·         Drive the development and implementation of the strategic plan, resolutions/policies and frameworks for DEI programs.

·         Facilitate and support department training and equity assessments in collaboration with the Human Resources Department.

·         Develop strategies to attract, develop, and retain members of communities of color and under-represented groups.

·         Develop citywide performance indicators and progress benchmarks to ensure accountability towards equitable delivery of city services. Collect, analyze, and present data measuring the City’s progress on operationalizing DEI.

·         Stay abreast of trends and changes in regulatory, market conditions and best practices that may affect DEI, affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunity laws and other relevant legislation.

·         Facilitate discrimination complaints, including Title VI-related Discrimination complaints in collaboration with relevant City departments, including but not limited to the Human Resources Department, City Attorney’s Office, Community and Economic Development, Police and General Services departments, as well as external City partners such as the Fair Housing Council of Riverside County.

·         Manage the preparation of DEI grant applications, in collaboration with the City Grants Administrator, to ensure adequacy, timeliness and additional resources.

·         Ensure compliance with applicable federal/state/local laws, policies, and procedures (e.g., Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, City Resolution – Racism is Public Health Crisis, City Anti-Racist Vision, City Resolution – Title IV Non-discrimination policy, etc.).


The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be an innovative, inspirational and collaborative leader, who is able to create and cultivate a culture of success and achievement. The successful candidate will be a change agent for the organization, introducing ideas and strategies to utilize a changing workforce and workplace more effectively, to provide better services for current and future challenges. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to build strong business relationships with staff, leadership, community leaders, and business partners at all levels. This is an excellent opportunity for an employee-centric professional who can navigate sensitive topics, has strong coordination and organizational skills, and has a passion for assisting and improving a culture of fairness and trust to better meet the mission and vision of the City; and foster an atmosphere that speaks to developing relationships with employees and management.


Key Attributes and Characteristics

·         Embodies DEI and the idea behind it. Sees this opportunity not just as a job, but as a passion project.

·         Skill in building sustained and productive internal relationships across a wide range of agency functions.

·         Skill in designing, leading, and facilitating discussions around sensitive topics, particularly related to race (and other protected classes), power, and privilege.

·         Skill in consensus building, fostering informed debate and interaction, and effective decision making.

·         Knowledge/application of employment laws, principles and practices, and regulations in both union and non-union environments is desirable.

·         The ability to assess criteria and develop programs; and create data to measure and monitor the outcomes and success of new initiatives.

·         A leader who establishes confidence and builds trust based on respectful and collegial communication and collaboration.

·         A professional who is versatile, flexible and adapts well to changing priorities. A solid leader and listener with thick skin and a sense of humor.


The Community

From its incorporation in 1870, Riverside has been a prosperous, desirable place to live because of the foresight of its founders and successive leaders and the artistic spirit that pervades the culture of its residents. Today, Riverside is a leading Southern California city offering a blend of hometown charm, history, and hospitality with the vision, energy, culture, and diversity of a sophisticated metropolitan area. With a population of over 314,000, it currently ranks as the 12th largest city in California, 6th in Southern California, and is the economic powerhouse of one of the fastest growing regions in the United States.


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