“I created The Society for Hispanic Human Resource Professionals (SHHRP) along with other powerful Hispanic Professionals in our market. The organization serves as a guide, a blueprint, and a conduit for information. It offers an opportunity for those who believe in diversity, inclusion, and social justice to connect and share. The goal is to foster leadership and professional development in Colorado’s diverse workforce. SHHRP is very proud of the company (and companies) we keep, as well as the values we share.”

– LeRoy Romero, CEO & President

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LeRoy Romero, president & founder of SHHRP

LeRoy Romero
CEO/President and Founder

LeRoy has had a long career in education and human resources in banking at State Street Bank & Trust, Boston, MA. For ten years he was the Director of External Affairs at the Auraria Higher Education Center, and after 12 years as the Minority Business Director for the State of Colorado. He rewired in 2017 and is devoting himself full-time to leading SHHRP.

Tina Romero, Development officer SHHRP

Tina Romero
Development & Operations Officer

Tina is a bilingual communications and marketing professional with vast experience in the corporate sector, city & county government, and nonprofit development. She performed community outreach and bilingual (Spanish/English) communications while serving the Denver Elections Division and the Denver Office of the Clerk & Recorder. Her past also includes 10 years as an educator/administrator in Colorado, and she spent 10 years in Boston as an IBM manager performing hiring and professional development.