“LeRoy Romero, SHHRP CEO, was a mentor and coached me to break out of my comfort zone and use all available resources towards landing my ideal job. He provided straightforward, no-nonsense advice and also required me to assert myself by researching companies that interested me and encouraging me to network. Thank you to SHHRP and especially to LeRoy. I am truly grateful.”

Lawrence Marquez, Whiting Petroleum

“I so appreciate the help that SHHRP provided me when I was in job transition. Not only did I get a job lead by attending a La Junta “the gathering,” but I also landed the job!”

Monti LaBelle, Denver Public Schools

“SHHRP is all about community and connection. In addition to the opportunities SHHRP has provided me, I’ve always enjoyed meeting the members and guests and getting to know people. So if I had to pick one phrase, I would say, ‘Keeping the Denver community connected.”

Bryan Giovanetti

“Looking for AWESOME jobs? Check into SHHRP who can be of great assistance!”

Linda Vargas

“I have been affiliated with SHHRP since 2008. SHHRP is innovative, inclusive, and my go-to Human Resources Group for job opportunities, job postings, human resources training and community networking.”

Cindy Hamilton

“When I was looking for my first job out of college I was at a loss for where to begin. I am so thankful that, through a mutual contact, I was able to meet with LeRoy and SHHRP. Through that connection I was able to get my foot in the door for an incredible job working in Economic Development for the State of Colorado. I can personally attest that this connection was integral in launching my current career trajectory and would highly recommend SHHRP to any job seeker.”

Che Sheehan

“SHHRP has provided tremendous support to the Denver Sheriff Department and the Department of Public Safety with their recruitment efforts. We have sourced viable candidates for entry into the Sheriff’s Department as well as Denver Police and Denver Fire. SHHRP provides a direct connect with the greater Denver.”

Robert Pablo, Denver Sheriff

“Via Mobility appreciates the opportunities for visibility and recruitment that SHHRP has provided through participation in job fairs and networking sessions. We love the way that LeRoy and Tina Romero reach out to the greater Denver community providing Via Mobility with a diverse pool of job applicants.”

Sharon Navitsky, Via Mobility

“Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) has valued SHHRP’s partnership over the years through their continuous commitment in celebrating diversity and inclusion. We have connected with individuals with diverse values, beliefs, experiences and backgrounds. SHHRP and Jeppesen embody diversity and inclusion and that’s how we work hard to connect human differences to live and work United.”

Darrell Gallo, Jeppesen A Boeing Company

“I have been with SHHRP for the past few years and have found this group to be quite resourceful. I have made some great connections to help find quality employees and business opportunities. The team at SHHRP and the people they surround themselves with truly care about helping each other, newcomers, and small businesses.”

Kelly Kirwan, Secure Health Partners