How to Beat the Bots

by Jesse Ofner: linkedin, twitter

  1. Know your “Why”
  2. Build Your List
    1. Your Contacts
      1. Family
      2. Friends
      3. 2nd Degree Connections (Friends of Family and Friends)
    2. Best Companies to Work For
    3. Best Jobs I could do
  3. Build Your Resume
    1. it can be longer than 1 page
    2. Have Multiple Drafts
    3. Make it fit the Job
    4. Include Executive Summary for Longer Resumes
  4. Online Search
    1. Update LinkedIn and other social media
    2. Update job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster, Nexxt, CareerBuilder
  5. Skills and Learning
    1. Today’s online access to learning content includes both free and paid learning platforms. Sites like Khan Academy and YouTube allow you to learn almost anything for free. And often user communities form so you can get answers to questions.
    2. If you are not continuously adding skills you will fall behind. Embracing learning. Make sure you detail what you are learning and the skills you get from it.
    3. Soft Skills Matter!
  6. Your Health and Wellbeing
    1. Get Good Sleep
    2. Get Exercise
    3. Eat Well